18.05.2019, 15:17

Great Service ever I saw….. with in 20 minutes all formalities was done, Thanks I have got my money

17.05.2019, 23:14

Worked out for me. Cool !

17.05.2019, 23:07

exchange coplet

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Verry nice

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Paytiz E-currency money Exchanger is one of the best and reliable, e currency money Exchanger transaction i have use so far from Perfect Money to Webmoney , i am willing to introduce more of my friends to use it , because is faster and reliable

16.05.2019, 22:07

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14.05.2019, 16:57

My first time exchanging crypto currency.
Paytiz worked great!
Easy to understand and use for one that is new to this.
Less than 30 minutes, and the money was available in my account.
Higly recommended!

14.05.2019, 13:01

bid completed, ltc -> paypal!

14.05.2019, 11:00

Bid completed, it's very quike thank's

14.05.2019, 06:11

From bitcoin to paypal, very trusted exchaner

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