29.08.2019, 10:51

Работой сервиса удовлетворен. Пользуюсь часто. буду и впредь. Рекомендую.

27.08.2019, 20:25

El mejor y mas rápido.

27.08.2019, 07:41

Good service. Trustworthy.

27.08.2019, 06:53

Best service ever I'm very happy.i will be back again

26.08.2019, 05:52

Rápido y confiable!!

26.08.2019, 04:05

hello, i have not received my payment of 1,777.23 to paypal.. i have been waiting and have heard nothing back! please help! ORDER ID 25706

Administration comment:

Your exchange order has been completed.

25.08.2019, 17:02

Good service. Very fast.

24.08.2019, 01:56

i have made transfer from perfect money to my btc wallet but i still can not recivedID 25556

Administration comment:

Your exchange order has been completed.

23.08.2019, 00:21

Sa fait plus que 24 h

Administration comment:

Your account had problem. Money refunded to source account.

21.08.2019, 20:09

Please check order 25337

Administration comment:

Your order cancelled due to receiving account had problem.

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