Frequently asked questions

How can I exchange one currency to another one?

1. Register and verify your account.

2. Go to Exchange page and choose type of currency you want to spend.

3. Choose type of currency you want to receive.

4. Type in money amount you want to spend.

5. Press button Exchange.

6. Fill in all essential information into the boxes.

7. Press button Process Exchange.

8. Then re-check all data and Click to the confirm Button.

9. Complete a payment using details provided in order description,those you can find in your Dashboard section.

10. Please wait while our operator will check your payment.

11. Check real time status of your order over Dashboard.

How can I verify my account?

A. You can verify your account following this page , but you will have to sign up first.

Our General requirements are the following:

Here You can verify Your account. Your current status is: Verified

To verify your account you will need to upload required documents. All uploaded documents must meet all of the following requirements:

1. Selfie photo in high resolution in front of the mirror holding in hands Government issued photo ID (passport is preferable).

2. Utility bill for gas, electricity, landline phone (please note we can only accept landline and not mobile phone bills) or bank statement (must be a physical letter rather than an online statement) in high resolution.

3. Photocopy or a scan of the same photo ID used in paragraph 1 in high resolution.

4. Other kind Government issued photo ID's copy like driving license or national ID card in high resolution. (This field will not be essential if all 3 mentioned paragraphs will meet our inquiries.)

How long does it takes to complete exchange from start to end?

It’s all depends of chosen type of exchange.

Do I need to verify my account before placing new order?

To get full access for all types of currencies you’ll definitely need to verify your account. In some specific cases you can complete exchange without verified account.

What means unverified account?

That means your account is not approved yet and you will have some restrictions to use our services.

Is there any limitation for unverified account?

Yes,there are. For beginning you can’t exchange more than 500$ per 1 month.

What do I need to do to verify my account?

You’ll need to upload few copies of specific documents to confirm your identity.

I have uploaded the requested documents, how long does it take to verify my account?

Usually verification process takes from 1 to 48 hours. Verification time may vary due to specific place of residence. 

What type of documents do you accept to verify my account?

We accept scanned copy of passport and utility bills in good resolution. For further information please go here.

Can I cancel my recent order/s if payment already has been sent?

No,if you already did a payment using details provided in order description,then this order is considered as completed and can't be canceled.

Can I reopen canceled order?

No,you can’t.

If I changed my mind and want to cancel recent order,can I do that?

According to our rules it is only possible if payment wasn't sent out within 24 hours after submitting order with Paytiz service.

How do I secure my account?

Invent random symbol password and remember it, if you lose it you can always recover the pass via email. 

I have forgotten my Username, what can I do?

Submit a ticket. We always doing work with Email address based. So don't worry. Just login using Email address and Password.

I have forgotten my password, what can I do?

You can restore it using our Password recovery service.

What is verification of my ID?

Just as with banks and other financial institutions, Paytiz follows the rules and principles on the fight against money laundering. We reserve the right at any time to ask the evidence / proof of your address, or your personality, to provide uninterruptible operation. We will inform you in a timely manner if the need appears. 

Under the rules of the ID document data validation, verification can be successfully completed if the conditions of downloaded files will match our criteria: all files must be in high resolution (at least 150 dpi), on the picture with ID document should be captured only you.

1. User's selfie picture in front of a mirror holding in hands his ID document should be in high resolution.

2. Scanned copy of ID document or a picture of it should be in high resolution.

3. Utility Bill Copy or Bank Statement.

What is verification of my address?

Just as with banks and other financial institutions, Paytiz follows anti-money laundering guidelines and regulations. At some point in your time with us we may need to ask for address or ID proof in order to process your payments. Should we need this, we will notify you during the payment process.

In order to verify your address all documents should match listed criterias: full, readable and clear copy of the documents clearly showing your address and the date in the case of a letter. Documents should not be older than 3 months. Documents must be in color high resolution (at least 150 dpi), all documents are issued in English (or Latin letters,otherwise certificated translation should be provided), all documents must be standard full-sized page (uncropped).

1. Utility bill - gas, electricity, phone (please note we can only accept landline and not mobile phone bills).

2. Bank or credit card statement (Must be a physical letter rather than an online statement).

3. Council tax or HMRC notification.

4. Other government or financial institution issued document.

Can I buy PayPal USD less than $100 ?

Yes. Of course. You can make order for it. If you order PayPal USD less than $100 then it will goes to on hold. Our operation team will be processed it after 48 hours.
Remember, we can't proceed it instantly.

Bitcoin Minor Fees

If you made order for less than worth $1000 then we will deduct worth ~$2-$3 from your Bitcoin BTC. We may take upto $25 for bitcoin network fees.

Exchange order processing Duration ?


Estimated processing time is up to 30 minutes in working time. Maximum processing time may vary and it may take upto 24 hours.

SOME PAYMENT SYSTEMS processing time vary from 3 hours to 5 working days!!!

Skrill and Neteller Fees Update!!!

If you order less than $50. then we will charge extra $2 for both gateway. (Skrill & Neteller) . Also minimum order accepted for $10. Other will be issues refund.