Due to some technical issues at the banking partner side. There will be slightly delay for VISA/MC Card payouts.

26.01.2021, 09:48

Payment Recived of 2nd Order ID 87956 Thxs Paytiz.com Team

26.01.2021, 09:42

I got my payment. Thank you paytiz

26.01.2021, 07:53

Its been almost one month I ordered for payment. I neither get the money nor refund. This is my order id 82169. Now I can't access to the support desk also. They are showing that problem with my login. Why you are guys doing this? If you can't process the payment at least give back my money.

26.01.2021, 04:29

Gracias por servirle a paypal a hora mi transferencia se realizo correctamente

25.01.2021, 22:01

good service

25.01.2021, 19:01

Pagamento pendente

25.01.2021, 13:37

Payment Recived of Order ID 81366 Thxs Paytiz.com Team

25.01.2021, 13:34

Payment Recived Thxs Paytiz.com Team


24.01.2021, 14:53

I submitted exchange order from 6.50 perfect money USD to Payeer USD on 24.01.2021. My exchange order ID is : 87788. I have received 6.25 USD Payeer fastly. Transaction batch number is : 1284907648 . Thank you paytiz.

24.01.2021, 02:26

good jope