22.04.2024, 11:05

Funds are credited to the payment account quickly, the operators work round the clock, the commission is not high, thank you.

18.04.2024, 00:23

Очень быстрая оплата за деньги и хорошее обслуживание клиентов и безопасность, большое спасибо

04.04.2024, 06:35

Videncia ARGENTINA has sent you $30.38 USD

Transaction Details

Transaction ID 21W77675GD******* Transaction date 4 April 2024
received $30.38 USD Fee $1.75 USD Total $28.63 USD

01.04.2024, 19:23

The most frustrating aspect of my experience was the lack of responsiveness from Paytiz's customer support team. I encountered an issue during the transaction, and I reached out to their support via email. To my disappointment, it took several days to receive a generic response that did not address my specific concerns. Their lack of prompt and helpful assistance left me feeling frustrated and uncertain about the security of my funds.

Administration comment:

Your exchange order has been completed.

01.04.2024, 19:21

I recently had a highly disappointing experience with Paytiz, an online money exchange service. I found their platform to be unreliable and their customer service to be lacking in professionalism.

First and foremost, the website's user interface is clunky and outdated. It is not intuitive to navigate, and I had difficulty finding the necessary information to complete my transaction. The layout is messy, making it hard to locate essential features and understand the process.

12.03.2024, 16:33

Thank you very much! You are a very good and reliable service, the support service excellent and assistance is graet too

02.03.2024, 03:37

Я очень доволен.Лучшая платформа для меня.Все быстро получили мои деньги.Советую всем работать на этой честной платформе.

26.12.2023, 11:56

Very fast exchange money and good customer service and security

26.11.2023, 06:35

Thank you very much! You are a very good and reliable service, I have already used your services many times and they have never let you down!

19.11.2023, 05:13

The fastest exchanger I've ever seen. The exchange happens at lightning speed. If there are any problems, the operator will always come to the rescue.

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