Yearly Investment profit now 50% . Invest

05.08.2021, 08:33


04.08.2021, 23:48

Написано что обменик работает круглосуточно.
Менял битки подал заявку оплатил .перевод подтвердили быстро.но вот выплаты от оператора жду уже часов 6-8.
Пишу в пртдерку не кто не отвечает.больге я сюда не когда не зайду ошибка моя что сразу отзывы не посмотрел .

04.08.2021, 15:32

Hi there,
What to do with the remaining $2,182.14? WU transfer 192-714-4033 was queued and after small time was canceled by some unknown person. I was promised to have it sent again after the bank returned the money within 3-4 days. Today is the 5th day now. No money, no messages, no access to customer service. Don't keep quiet unless you want a professionally done anti-advertisement.

04.08.2021, 13:03

welcome I have transferred money from Advacash wallet to Paypal and Paypal account is not verified and the amount has been deducted from Advacash. This is Advcash account number U 6341 3134 4745. Please send money to my Paypal account this is my account [email protected] Thanks

03.08.2021, 18:16

i m waiting 14 days for my payment please arrange my deposit.

03.08.2021, 02:18

Send my money please in my wallet payeer P1052375862 you know why …..

02.08.2021, 13:52

Thank you. I got my money which I entered payment address wrong. Best technical support team.

01.08.2021, 17:00

Já é meu segundo pagamento muito bom

01.08.2021, 16:54

bought usdt easily and hassle free. Simple verification. just id and selfie. thanks for making everything simple. i'll use paytiz regularly

01.08.2021, 03:32

The fastest and easiest way to purchase Bitcoin with Visa card. Painless process and lightning fast! I highly recommend Paytiz for your crypto needs.

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