25.06.2019, 19:24

Fast service, keep up

23.06.2019, 15:44

good service, the payment came

22.06.2019, 21:46

Very fast service thank you

20.06.2019, 19:17
Alex Cheung

Very nice service and well received!
Highly recommended!

20.06.2019, 00:13

The best and fastest dont need my praise GOOD LUCK ***** #Paytiz Team

18.06.2019, 20:25
Emmanuel Ocran

Wow expected a longer reflection time but to be honest took less than 45 minutes.I'm excited because finding an authentic exchange to obtain skrill has been a big headache for me and finally Paytiz alleviated my stress.

18.06.2019, 20:07

I love this service – i couldn't find a legit website that than withdraw ETH (Ethereum) to Paypal. But I tested this awesome website out and it turned out to be legit. I personally recommend this site – it took 1-3 hours to get the money in my Paypal Account, but I got the money.

Love the service! :D

18.06.2019, 18:38

Excelente servicio la transferencia llegó dentro del tiempo marcado y las comisiones son buenas

14.06.2019, 21:24

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13.06.2019, 21:37

another good transtaction.

11.06.2019, 05:34

Took couple hours but came :)

10.06.2019, 20:33
emanuelle borelli

thanks so much for yesterday and today, I didn't have time to open PayPal and the money was already there in less than 3 minute

10.06.2019, 11:09

two months operating with them and always faster and perfect..thank you Admin and team

07.06.2019, 12:21
Mark Fritz

I was a bit worried at first but their response was immediate and accurate once I emailed their support. I can't recommend this service enough.

06.06.2019, 11:40
Thairon Batayola

fast transaction, low fee good job.

31.05.2019, 11:36

Fast service

30.05.2019, 20:49
mustafa awad

good service and very fast thanks a lot

30.05.2019, 18:41

Excelente, muy rapido y confiable

30.05.2019, 12:01
Erik PM

Skeptic at first but it all worked out in the end. Took them around 50 minutes to send me money through paypal.
Overall, I would recommend this service.

30.05.2019, 01:55
Kamil Šůstal

Quick and easy. Got money on my paypal within an hour.