01.10.2022, 18:37

Ola como faço pra trocar $ 10 dolar para o paypal !

29.09.2022, 20:11

11 Days later still no updаte on my order. Very disappointed and tempted to take my business elsewhere in future

28.09.2022, 09:54

The money was sent yesterday.
If I will be late in the future, I would like you to contact me.

27.09.2022, 13:51

Köszönöm a váltást. Gyorsan megkaptam.

27.09.2022, 06:25

It was passed two month but no response from support.
I am very sad.
It was good till two months ago in the past but it is too bad right now.
I am not sure what should i do.

26.09.2022, 19:12

No communication from support in over a week. Had a different order made after go through but still waiting over a week for one to come through and i really need it. It would be alright if they actually made some communications with users but nothing. Very disappointed haven't had an issue like this before

26.09.2022, 12:25

26 days after the exchange I made and I still haven't received the information to withdraw my money.
My Order ID is 178251.
Please help.

25.09.2022, 17:44

Money receive but take 4 days to arrive

24.09.2022, 18:41

Thank you! Another successful transfer. You are the best !

24.09.2022, 17:54

12 DAYS AGO i received a message that my order 178608 was completed, But I DIDN'T receive the money to my PayPal account (No any massages from PayPal about hold money or something)!!!! You also not answering to my ticket ( 5010707 opened 12 days ago !!!)