28.11.2022, 16:10

My both 2 Orders are still pending for 6 Days. Please complete it as soon as possible. Very urgent Need sir. Order ID – 180964 & 181042

28.11.2022, 13:07

please, pay me because I can't buy food for my child today, thank you! ID 181043

28.11.2022, 08:00

Fast exchange 12 hours done

27.11.2022, 02:18

They still haven't paid my money and haven't replied to any of my messages for 2 weeks.

Due to a recent incident in our systеm. Our systеm lost a few hundreds thousands USD through some gateway. We regret to inform you that, we will need more time to complete or return you money. As a matter of delay we will pay you a bonus of 15% APY for the amount. To do so, we need your cooperation and allow us to do business operation normally.
An estimated schedule on 10-November-2022

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

24.11.2022, 17:42

Order ID 180900. I havent get my money since saturday im waiting please send my money and my detials or mtcn to [email protected] or refund me my money. I hoped for the best from you guys paytiz its very bad since saturday 19 nov i havent recieve my money

24.11.2022, 15:03

I tried exchanging 1205 USDT on May 2022. I sent money to the Paytiz bitcoin wallet, but I didn't get my funds.

Paytiz support told me that they can't transfer money because "their money were lost through some gateway".
Support service told that I will get my money back on November 10-th. I texted on November 21-th, but there was no response from Paytiz for three days. Support service doesn't respond to messages.

As of mow, I just LOST my money because of using Paytiz.
However, I'm still waiting for the support service to pay me back.

They still didn't pay me my money back. This issue has to be solved.

Ticket ID: #5008846
Order ID: 171411

24.11.2022, 02:51

الخدمه سيئه للغايه اريد ان استرد المبلغ الخاص بى

24.11.2022, 02:50

كيف يمكن استرداد المبلغ طرفكم لسوء المعامله

23.11.2022, 18:16

Order ID 180900. I havent get my money since saturday im waiting please send my money and my detials or mtcn to [email protected]

So sad its very big waiting and stresfull hope i will get money by today im depressed

23.11.2022, 05:01

I made an exchange request. No one answered my email. When I will get my money in paypal?

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