23.10.2021, 17:37

The exchanger is super. Quick and easy!

23.10.2021, 11:01

you have been holding my money since 6 to 23th what wrong with you guys with no explanation
order id 145533

22.10.2021, 23:37

Theodore Morris
October 20, 2021 DETAINED
Available by November 10, 2021
+ 368.36
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theodore morris
Chemin de la Côte-Saint-Luc 6124
Montréal QC H3X 2G9
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Oct 20, 2021 Posted by MANUAL
Status: in process
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USD 368.36 PayPal Balance

387.65 USD Posted by Theodore Morris
– 19.29 USD Fee
368.36 USD Total

The money sent is held by the PayPal bank. I ask the seller to implement the sale order to release the seizure of my money by the PayPal bank. Greetings.

22.10.2021, 12:59

I receive my money successfully
Thanks paytiz

22.10.2021, 12:26

The money has arrived and the money is reserved in Paypal, please open the reservation on the money Order ID 147844

22.10.2021, 10:41

Thanks the money has arrived

22.10.2021, 05:44

Everything is clear. recommend.

22.10.2021, 03:30

There were problems with the withdrawal, the operators helped to solve everything. Fast exchange, quality service.
Read the withdrawal conditions carefully!

21.10.2021, 23:00

Cool exchanger quickly and active operators)

21.10.2021, 17:38

please send my 21 dollar in paypal I am waiting
Id No 148068

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