27.05.2022, 09:28

My order 173866 is marking completed but I still haven't received the amounts in my wallet because they are doing this to me, I need USDT today.

25.05.2022, 04:00

I received my money. Chat support is a bit late. But it replies and helps. There was an error in my PayPal. That's why I got a payout error. I fixed that and then I received the money. I will use this website again. Thanks!

24.05.2022, 07:00

I got my money to local bank without any error.. Thanks..

23.05.2022, 15:41

The exchange is almost instantaneous and without hidden fees. I paid exactly what was originally requested.

22.05.2022, 16:40

I lost my money 116 USD , Auto payout error / I want to refund my money
this is untrusted website.

21.05.2022, 12:49

Order ID 173590
Auto payout error
I want to retry to send to paypal destination or refund back to advcash. Please. Thanks.

21.05.2022, 10:02

I have already received my money to Paypal of Rs/-20$ just a few minutes a ago. Its been a fantastic service by Paytiz. I really enjoyed a lot to use this. Thanks a lot. Thanks again.

17.05.2022, 18:55

Order ID 173452
Auto payout error
I want retry to paypal destination or refund back to perfect money. Please. Thanks.

16.05.2022, 19:32

I have made a transfer money into paypal but it shows an error what should I do, the money is lost 9.96 Dollar

16.05.2022, 10:22

Mine still hasn't arrived and it's been two weeks.