20.04.2018, 20:46

Everything is fine, but You should change this sentence "5 to 30 minutes". Because You took to complete the process more than 2 hours. Thanks

19.04.2018, 16:37

Thank you so much for your quick service. I'm always happy to work here. it is the best site ever. i always refer to other for using this nice and excellent site. long live.

18.04.2018, 12:23

3rd exchang,,,lets see how many time its done?
Bid id 6917

Amount of payment: 1.57 USD
Please be careful! All fields must be filled out in strict accordance with the instructions, otherwise the payment can not pass.

Time of registration: 18.04.2018, 12:20
Bid status: accepted, waiting for pay

18.04.2018, 12:17

i got my 2nd exchange..thank u.

18.04.2018, 12:09

stil bkash was not coming,,,wait and see,,,ki hoy kichu khon pore.

18.04.2018, 11:56

Confirmation of payment accepted.
Your request is being processed by the operator.

Giving: 1 Perfect Money USD , From the account: u3599755

Receive: 79 bKash BDT , At the expense: 01719420446

Time of registration: 18.04.2018, 10:54
Bid status: Bid paid
kintu akhono bkash ase ni..
tobe asa kora jai j asbe…
dekha jak ki hoy.

18.04.2018, 06:46

Test my ID

18.04.2018, 00:45

I got my monet. 1perfect money to 79tk bkash.

18.04.2018, 00:43

i got my first exchange 1perfect money to 79tk bkash…all most done by 40 minutes..thank u.

18.04.2018, 00:42

i got my first exchange 1 perfect money to 79tk bkash…all most done by 40 minutes..thank u.