22.11.2022, 21:26

Order ID 180900. I havent get my money since saturday im waiting please send my money and my detials or mtcn to [email protected]

22.11.2022, 10:03

Thanks for the service, I will come back to you in the future for another order. Best site

21.11.2022, 21:06

One year now I waiting for my money ,they told me that I will receive it by 10/11/2022 but they didn't send the money and they don't reply to my emails! I don't recomand to use this site!

21.11.2022, 16:54

السلام عليكم من يوم 17 نوفمبر تم عمل طلب سحب عل حسابى البنكى والى الان لم يتم وصول المبلغ مع انكم تقولوا انه خلال 12 ساعه يصل اين المصداقيه ارجوا الافادة بسرعه هل هى عمليه احتيال

19.11.2022, 18:31

Order ID 180900
Order paid by user
Confirmation of payment accepted.
Your request is being processed by the operator.

Send: 0.012646 Bitcoin BTC
Receive: 200 Western uniоn USD , Into account: Fatbardh Rogova
Status change time: 19.11.2022, 17:40
Status of order: Order paid by user

When i check order it says order dosent exit

My mail is [email protected] please my mtcn nr off westerunion to this mail this is my first time and hope i get money by monday

18.11.2022, 19:21

Ate hoje não recebi o meu dinheiro , não usem esse site
Deveriamos nos juntar e denunciar esse site

17.11.2022, 19:27

order: 171450

Was told in may this year i should get my money within the 15th of november.
To this day still waiting for my money, i got in debt because of these people…
this is about 5000$ i still need to get from them.

Think twice before you use the site

17.11.2022, 18:58

I created some orders in august. and some of them is not done yet. and no reply from support.

16.11.2022, 23:15

I used Paytiz for the first time and I received my money without problem in less than 3 days! It is reliable, I recommend it!

16.11.2022, 05:01

One more time, I received my money without problem. Paytiz is really trusted!

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