21.10.2021, 17:12

Iam waiting for my money more than 6 hours
Pls answer me on live chat need gelp

21.10.2021, 08:12

لم احصل علي اموالي
برجاء التواصل معي
[email protected]
معرف الطلب 146971

20.10.2021, 21:39

I got my money to local bank.
Thanks & recommended..

20.10.2021, 20:40

Recomended! Today I exchanged bch to paypal using paytiz and got the money after 2-3hours to my paypal as requested. Thank you very much

20.10.2021, 14:43

Have a wonderful exchange. The application was closed quickly and the funds were received on my card without delay

20.10.2021, 14:36

my payment was processed but the Auto payout has an error in the API
ID 147916

20.10.2021, 13:50

Order ID 147873
I'm not received money to paypal. Automatic payment error. Please solve it

20.10.2021, 12:41

Order ID 147540
i'm waiting since 3 days and my money still on hold
please help

20.10.2021, 10:53

Order information
Order ID 147818 created by 2021-10-19 14:22:24
Amount of exchange: 80 Perfect Money USD account U2119686 -> on account of PARBIN AHMED

Thank You
Paytiz Bot

I am not receiving payment in bank account… plz review my order my order number : 147818

19.10.2021, 19:42

Hello, the money has not been delivered to my PayPal account. Please solve my problem. Transaction number 147844

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