05.08.2019, 15:15

Hi the money is not transferred from Advcash to Paypal. Please look into this order ID 20134, I have not deleted but u have deleted from your end. Please revert back my amount if unable to transfer. Here are the details. 20134 05.08.2019, 13:45 1 USD 0.965 USD 2 AdvCash USD 1.93 PayPal USD deleted order

Administration comment:

Hello! We've fixed your issues and order completed. check your paypal account, If you still need help contact with support team.

05.08.2019, 12:19

Very good! Need some hours to get the money but working well! Thanks guys for good service!

04.08.2019, 21:58

I got my money thanks good service.

02.08.2019, 17:50

I received my money, excellent service its very easy and fast
Thank you

02.08.2019, 14:53

Great, super fast and reliable.

30.07.2019, 20:36

excellent service..thanks

30.07.2019, 20:35

excellent service..thanks

30.07.2019, 20:35

excellent service..thanks

30.07.2019, 20:34

doing business with Paytiz for me is always swift, reliable and responsible transaction

30.07.2019, 11:54

Thanks for providing good and fast service

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