22.04.2019, 19:56

Hello this is Pamela i am try to send my bitcoin cash payments my id 11777 state on the website accepted my payment on paytiz website i want to exchange my Bitcoin cash 0.005 tranfer too my Paypal Account my bitcoin cash Address CQYqdsGJ3ei9Fti4sYTTMzVuMa3cqNANtY

Support Response: Your Exchange order has been completed.

22.04.2019, 18:16

i didn't even have a time to open my PayPal email and the money was already there ,super super fastar as usually ,no question about it ,the best exchanger ever …kind regards Emanuel

22.04.2019, 18:05

Hello i trying to tranfer my money now to my Paypal account On The website The bid status states thatits been accepted waiting for pay the bid id 11770. My bitcoin cash 0.000320 my wallet address CQYqdsGJ3ei9Fti4sYTTMzVuMa3cqNANtY this my Bictcoin cash Address Thank you

22.04.2019, 17:20

very nice site

22.04.2019, 01:00

I honor my Exchange number ID 11672, date 21/04/2019, giving 0.0002 btc in your address (3P6J4og6aCrbFGzbLpuK5eVbvgtaxd9CK2) "more than 7 confirmations of payment, you can check" to receive $1.035588 in my paypal account "[email protected]", but the transaction has not taken place, thanks.

Support Response: //Contact with support team.

//Payment error message: – Reason: we could not make a payment to this PayPal account. This receiver accepts PayPal payments only through their website or can't accept via send money tab.

21.04.2019, 03:21

Great guys super fast

20.04.2019, 21:03

Thank You So Much

20.04.2019, 11:08

fast an secure

19.04.2019, 07:22

Thank u for action on my application No. 11449; completed successfully.
Thanks again.

18.04.2019, 19:13

Good and fast Service, Recommended

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