17.04.2019, 17:00

Very fast and secure payment. Thanks a lot

15.04.2019, 15:26

Very fast payment thanks a lot ! Good fee

15.04.2019, 06:29

what a great pleasure work with Paytiz very very faster and never a mistake ..thanks so much

14.04.2019, 22:25

يقول لي بايبال خطا عد الي التاجر واعيد عملية الدفع

14.04.2019, 16:52

Typed wrong paypal but tech support was great and everything was sorted very quick. A+

13.04.2019, 10:03

Vey fast payment thankyou admin.

12.04.2019, 21:25

Fast exchange, thank you

12.04.2019, 20:49

Thank You So Much

You are Great, Fast and very good service, Recommended

12.04.2019, 17:10

The best exchanger I've ever used! Faithful forever!

11.04.2019, 22:50

Super! This is first time I have used Paytiz exchange service. Reliable and fast.
Can recommended to anyone without any fear.

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