08.04.2019, 04:19

Fantastic!! Thank you so much !

08.04.2019, 04:08

Thank you for your service

07.04.2019, 20:38

Good work ty

07.04.2019, 20:33

they don't say true isn't in 5 minutes but just 5 seconds and the exchange is done! ,great site,small fee and very very well organize team …thanks Admin

07.04.2019, 20:24

Great service, carry on guys!

07.04.2019, 07:09

Great service man. i'll definitely use regularly.

07.04.2019, 00:38

Hello, I have less money than you had. I'm asking for your check..

06.04.2019, 21:53

The service works. However, I wasn't too happy with the end result. I transferred $USD 250 to PayPal and they split the money in half and sent it separately resulting in double transaction fee charged by PayPal. Also, It took 3-4 hours for the transaction to complete.

04.04.2019, 23:41

I exchange $50 PM to Webmoney. It was complete and Bid status: Bid paid. But My webmoney wallet did not charge yet! It is more than 30min!
Bid id 10659

Is anybody there to check it?

Support Response: Order already has been completed. Claim cancelled.

04.04.2019, 16:34

the best site to exchange your money , small fee , very fast and speed
thank you so much

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