30.01.2023, 21:55

If paypal finds the denied transaction and sends you the money back why don't you answer and send the money like last time with a different account with paypal?…. I send new reviews every day until I see the money credited to my account .. for now I give 0 stars to the unserious service and they kept my money!

30.01.2023, 11:22

They offer the best money exchange service. The process is secure fast and reliable. They also offer safe methods of making transactions. I highly recommend it to others you won't be disappointed

30.01.2023, 09:45

Waiting payments 18/01/2023
ID : 182279

29.01.2023, 20:00

this one was late but as usual, money received

28.01.2023, 10:20

received the exchange id : 182279
but I am contacting you because paypal has returned the money to you because it is a suspicious operation! please send the money to my account from another address ! at the moment I contacted you because I have not received the money yet! I have shown you everything with screenshots and photos to show you what happened to this order! waiting for the 27 euros in my account

28.01.2023, 07:02

Order 181522 dated December 13, 2022 is closed.
Not paid to the recipient, not returned to the sender, i.e. to me.
Paytiz just took the money for themselves.
Great exchanger
Translate to PM U10612008.
Return the money.

26.01.2023, 15:58


25.01.2023, 14:21

I need my money, p!ease!!!!

25.01.2023, 12:44

this site is a scam people dont fall for the bot reviews

Send: 0.05682849 Litecoin LTC
Receive: 5.01 PayPal USD , Into account: ***
Status change time: 14.01.2023, 19:54
Status of order: Waiting for merchant confirmation

its been 11 days i still didnt got my exchange i put this small ammount to see if the site really works before exchanging bigger ammounts seeems they keep money for them selves STAY AWAY I even contacted support before 6days still no response either

23.01.2023, 14:05

The first time it was late to send money to me, and you are the best site for quick transactions
My medicine number is 182214
Convert to MoneyGram
From 15.01.2023
The email was not answered

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