30.05.2019, 20:49
mustafa awad

good service and very fast thanks a lot

30.05.2019, 18:41

Excelente, muy rapido y confiable

30.05.2019, 12:01
Erik PM

Skeptic at first but it all worked out in the end. Took them around 50 minutes to send me money through paypal.
Overall, I would recommend this service.

30.05.2019, 01:55
Kamil Šůstal

Quick and easy. Got money on my paypal within an hour.

28.05.2019, 14:46
abdullah zeaiter

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27.05.2019, 10:29
Alex Zyrianov

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25.05.2019, 17:15
Oldřich Tláskal

I got 43$ instead of 46$

21.05.2019, 07:47

reliable exchange. good support staff

21.05.2019, 07:33

I'll be real, at first I was worried that I could lose my money. Gladly I'll have now my money in my paypal account and it didn't take that long, approximately 40 min.

Thanks paytiz.

20.05.2019, 22:44

merci pour les échanges très rapide et efficace, c'est top

20.05.2019, 08:36
Arjit Kushwaha

Taking time, but finally exchanged..

20.05.2019, 01:25

I like the way as you accepted a little amount of ETH for transfer! Thanks!

19.05.2019, 12:37

Good stuff, had no issues. Keep it up

18.05.2019, 23:13

Excellent service,

18.05.2019, 22:45
Mark Haikin

this is the second time i use this service, and i am very happy with it. working super fast, sometimes it take 30 minutes, sometimes 15, and it works awesome. doesnt take a lot of fee, and definitely not a scam. people like me, needs a lot of services like that, that will send money to paypal. thanks a lot for the service, i will keep using this site.

18.05.2019, 17:48
John Nasilele

The best exchange site i have ever used. I give you five stars.

18.05.2019, 15:17

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17.05.2019, 23:07

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