18.09.2022, 00:45

Todos los pedidos que he realizado me los han dado, el ultimo tardo un poco más de tiempo, sin embargo lo recibí completo. Sigo confiando en esta pagina. Muchas gracias

16.09.2022, 14:06

fraud !!! i want to take it back now….

16.09.2022, 13:55

My orderID is 177930.
My status is "automatic payout error", and I wanted to fix this issue for 3 weeks.
If this payout issue can not be fixed, I need refund.
Need your help asap!

14.09.2022, 16:13

Helo. I have a exchanged several time.

14.09.2022, 14:27

ORDER ID : 178592


14.09.2022, 12:15

I received a message that the order 178608 was completed, But I DIDN'T receive the money to my PayPal account (No any massages from PayPal about hold money or something)!!!!
Need your help please!!!!!

13.09.2022, 16:14

Hello there i have exchange which last more than 4 days now can you please fix this problem , thank you in advance order id is 178617

12.09.2022, 09:25

Order 178596 is pending from 3 days

10.09.2022, 18:58

This is the best app for exchange, i like it. I have used many apps of such kind but this one is my personal favorite. Great.

09.09.2022, 21:25

I made a transfer on Vodafone Cash, more than 24 days have passed, and the transfer has not arrived, and no one responds to the message service. Please help. Was the money stolen?
Order ID 177630