09.09.2022, 10:57

Hello there i have exchange which last more than 4 days now can you please fix this problem , thank you in advance order id is 178459

05.09.2022, 22:16

Please, 19 days have passed and the transfer has not arrived Vodafone Cash
Go to help him
Order ID 177630

31.08.2022, 06:20

Hello. Reliable money changer. I have already exchanged several times and I have never been disappointed. Now after 72 hours the exchange was successful. Thank you Paytiz.

27.08.2022, 05:33

Really trusted! One more time, after some moments, I received my money without problem. Paytiz is the best!

26.08.2022, 09:12

Bank Transfer Order completed thanks
[email protected]

21.08.2022, 00:46

Only exchange site that do their transactions always !!! never failed me.

19.08.2022, 01:06

perfeito site , ate momento primeira transaçao nao obtive ,poblemas muito bom…..

17.08.2022, 22:08

Me gusto la pagina tiene varias opciones de realizar transacciones en diferentes monedas y detallan el procedimiento de cada una, Es un poco demorado al realizarse la transacción pero se hace efectiva, es muy seguro el procedimiento y fácil de ejecutar.

17.08.2022, 21:50

Order ID 177688 Hope i receive very soon like other orders… typcaly as i see paytiz its 0-3 days paytiz member staff hope i will get my new order id Order ID 177688 soon please i need those money

13.08.2022, 00:09

Fiz uma transferencia para o paypal já fizeram 5 dias, mandei mail ao suporte e não respondem nem liberam o dinheiro.