04.11.2022, 15:00

My order is taking too long which is urgent tried to contact support but no respond for 2 days please help Exchange Request Order ID 180436

03.11.2022, 12:16

look what it says on the website

Order ID 180270
Currency exchange
Order paid by user
Confirmation of payment accepted.
Your request is being processed by the operator. It might be take some time. Maximum time-frame 72 hours.

Send: 133 Payeer USD , From account: P1008409705
Receive: 132.88 PayPal USD , Into account: [email protected]
Status change time: 30.10.2022, 17:24
Status of order: Order paid by user

03.11.2022, 12:12

Ola Bom Dia to enfrentado um problema com meu pagamento desde do dia 30/10 to ate agora esperando e no site tem dizendo que leva ate 72 horas pra ser concluido quero meu Dinheiro

02.11.2022, 14:00

Whare is my refund oder? Not found my oder. Please give me back my 2 oder. Please sir

02.11.2022, 09:12

Till now my order not completed yet from 14/10 till now its first time to face that problem and i need my money urgent my order is 179767

02.11.2022, 04:00

Hey Guys,
Don't worry… Paytiz will definitely pay/Complete your Order as soon as possible. My 16th order was completed successfully by taking more than 5 Days. So Don't worry. Paytiz will pay you.
Thank you Paytiz Team… best exchanger I've Ever seen.

01.11.2022, 21:44

Damn site, there was an error in my payment, and it's been months since I've sent a message to support and no refund of my money

01.11.2022, 21:43

Porcaria de site deu erro num pagamento meu , e faz meses que mando mensagem para o suporte e nada do reembolso do meu dinheiro

31.10.2022, 16:33

Finally, My Order was completed. Thank you Paytiz Team.

30.10.2022, 16:26

Obrigada pelo pagamento

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